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Kaya 0636

Kaya 06/36 Australian national Champion White dorper


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About Sunnyvale Genetics

Sunnyvale White Dorper Stud was established in 2001 with the importation of 10 ewes from the Kaya Stud Australia with mainly Collett and Jordaan bloodlines.  The object of this move was to establish the Dorper breed in New Zealand.  Over the last 8 years we have selected sheep that could thrive in our cold wet winters and hot summers.  With large ET programmes we could speed up this process.  A very durable sheep is evolving.  When selecting new genetics from Australia it has proved that the animal cannot have any structural defects as in NZ‘s wetter climate it shows up in their feet.

Adrian Vietch from Kaya Dorpers is a major influence in our stud.  We have had and continue to have access to his top genetics.  We also have had the pleasure of Tein and Margaret Jordaan’s expertise in accessing our flock to ensure we are still breeding within the South African Dorper Assoc premiters.

We have exported White Dorper genetics to Mexico, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia and Costa Rica.
We are now moving into Dorpers of which we have always retrained a small flock and are now concentrating on lifting these to the same quality of our White Dorpers.

There has been 3 rams that have really pushed our stud along.
Kaya Zulu
Kaya 01/557
Kaya 06/36 (2009 Aus National White Champion) This rams stamps his length and presence on his progeny.

The commercial farmer is our biggest client as such we strive to breed an animal that has survivability at birth and the ability to grow quickly through to weaning with a high yielding product.